Winter Race & Training sessions

Special Winter Programm 2022 / 2023


Winter Specials

Not to get out of practice during the winter months,
we have put together several Winter Specials for you at great prices...

For the racers

Since last year, all racers have had the great opportunity to compete with like-minded people in the GT Winter Series ...

The more races you participate and the more friends you motivate to take part,

the cheaper the entry fees, transportation costs and our race track support gets for everybody !

See below the key information. We will be happy to offer your personal tailor-made race package.

We are looking forward to your call or mail !

Gt Winter Series 2022/2023

12./13.12.2022           Portimao

14./15.01.2023           Estoril

11./12.02.2023           Jerez

18./19.02.2023          Valencia

04./05.03.2023        Navarra

12./13.03.2023          Barcelona

Race Info

1st day:        Free Practice

2nd day:      Qualifying (2x 15min.)

                      Race 1 (25 min.)

                      Race 2 (25 min.)

                      Race 3 (45 min. / pitstop)


Entry Fee (per Event)                          2'990 EUR
Box (per Event)                                        500 EUR
Compagnion/guest (per Event)           139 EUR

Transport and Support (6 race events):
1 car    (per Event)                                 8'900 EUR
2 cars (per Event)                                 8'500 EUR
3 cars (per Event)                                 7'900 EUR
4 cars (per Event)                                 7'400 EUR

All the prices are per car, excl. VAT and subject to change.

For the trackday pilots

For all track day pilots who are keen to test new race tracks, but are hesitant because of transport costs to Spain and Portugal:

We offer you a special transport price !

Further more we offer you 3 tracks in 1 week. The costs per event are not higher than for regular track days in our direct neighboring countries.

If Spain and Portugal are too far away for you and you prefer "Bella Italia", we have also an Italian Week.


If you can motivate your friends to participate with you,

it will be cheaper for you and your friends! 


Any questions?

We are looking forward to your call or mail.


Entry Fee (per Event)        2'990 EUR

Box (per Event)                      500 EUR

Companion/guest                  139 EUR

Transport and Support

1 week - 3 tracks:

1 car (per week)                13'500 EUR

2 cars (per week)             13'000 EUR

3 cars (per week)             12'500 EUR

4 cars (per week)             11'500 EUR

more cars up on request...

Spain week:

1 car (per week)                13'500 EUR

2 cars (per week)             13'000 EUR

3 cars (per week)             12'500 EUR

4 cars (per week)             11'500 EUR

more cars up on request

Italian week:

1 car (per week)                  7'500 EUR

2 cars (per week)               7'000 EUR

3 cars (per week)               6'500 EUR

4 cars (per week)               6'000 EUR

more cars up on request...

All Prices are excl. VAT and subject to change

Clarico-Offer style 3

04./05.02.2023    Circuito do Sol

06./07.02.2023    Portimao

09./10.02.2023    Jerez

Clarico-Offer style 3

16./17.02.2023    Valencia

18./19.02.2023    Iberia

20./21.02.2023    Circuito do Sol

Clarico-Offer style 3

02./03.03.2023    Navarra

07./08.03.2023    Aragon

09./10.02.2023    Barcelona

Clarico-Offer style 3

02./03.03.2023    Misano

04./05.03.2023    Imola

06./07.03.2023    Mugello

Tailer made program

If all the above does not meet your expectations or the dates just don't fit,

please see below all the possible track dates for you to choose individually ...

We would be glad offer you your individual racing calendar (even if you fancy only for one event).


Pick your favorite Dates...

10./11.12.2022 Portimao

12./13.01.2023 Estoril

17./18.01.2023 Portimao

19./20.01.2023 Portimao

21./22.01.2023 Monteblanc

04./05.02.2023 Portimao

04./05.02.2023 Circuito do Sol

06./07.02.2023 Portimao

09./10.02.2023 Jerez

09./10.02.2023 Portimao

16./17.02.2023 Valencia

18./19.02.2023 Iberia

20./21.02.2023 Circuito do Sol

20./21.02.2023 Misano

20.-23.02.2023 Paul Ricard

21.-24.02.2023 Portimao

25./26.02.2023 Monza

01.-03.03.2023 Barcelona

02./03.03.2023 Navarra

02./03.03.2023 Misano

04./05.03.2023 Imola

06./07.03.2023 Mugello

07./08.03.2023 Aragon

09./10.03.2023 Barcelona

13./14.03.2023 Nogaro

Please contact us for more dates...

Any questions?

We look forward to your call or mail.